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Name Description
phpMyAdmin MySQL web administration tool
Alexandria a GNOME application for managing book collections
Glom database designer and user interface
GLPI IT and Asset management software
CdCat media catalog program
phpPgAdmin web-based administration tool for PostgreSQL
vMovieDB movie collection manager
Bond Database front-end
Evergreen Open source library system
GTKtalog Disk catalog
Tora graphical toolkit for database developers and administrators
KRecipes recipes manager for KDE
SysAid Software for Help Desk, Asset Management, and IT Inventory
SqlSync compare data stored in two SQL databases, and synchronize it
SQuirreL SQL Univeral SQL Client
Aqua Data Studio database query tool and administration tool
seeMore Virtual Database Server Real-Time Virtual Database Server
Emma extendable MySQL managing assistant
Firebird SuperServer Firebird Super Server - an RDBMS based on InterBase 6.0 code
MySQL Server 5.0 MySQL database server binaries
AeroSQL Web based MySql Manager
DataKiosk juK-like database interface tool for generic SQL databases
Uranos asset management software
Firebird Classic Utilities Transitional package for firebird 1.5 rename
KSqlAnalyzer SQL query tool