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Name Description
Stellarium real-time photo-realistic sky generator
gPapers digital library manager
MATLAB high-level technical computing language and interactive environment
Kig interactive geometry tool for KDE
Platinum Arts Sandbox cooperative 3D game design tool for kids
KDE Educational Programs educational applications from the official KDE release
KStars desktop planetarium for KDE
KTurtle educational programming environment
KGeography geography learning aid for KDE
StarDict International dictionary
KMPlot mathematical function plotter for KDE
Kalzium periodic table and chemistry tools
GCompris Educational games for small children
Wordplay Anagram game and Scrabble(TM) trainer
BibleTime bible study tool for Qt
DebianEdu Chemistry Applications Debian Edu chemistry related applications
Chemtool chemical structures drawing program
Kanatest beginner's drill game to learn Japanese kana characters
KEWL.NextGen Learning Management System
Salasaga Open Source eLearning IDE
Marble globe and map widget
GPeriodic periodic table application
Maxima Computer algebra system -- base system
Moodle course management system for online learning
OpenEuclide 2D geometry software