Transferring Files Over Bluetooth using a BlackBerry Curve, Pearl, or 8800

If you own, or are considering buying, one of BlackBerry's Curve, Pearl, or 8800 smart phones then here is a simple guide for transferring files to and from it using Bluetooth.

Part 1 of this investigation focused on setting up a USB connection. Part 2 described how to use a BlackBerry with Amarok.

Each sequences of steps assumes that you are starting from the main menu.

Pairing BlackBerry and Computer

On the BlackBerry
1. Manage Connections -> Bluetooth Options -> Add Device
2. Select your device from the list of available Bluetooth devices
3. Enter the passkey

On the Computer
1. Enter the passkey when the window pops up

Configure BlackBerry to Receive Files

On the BlackBerry
1. Manage Connections -> Bluetooth Options -> Press the menu key and select Options
2. Change the Discoverable setting to Yes

If you want to be able to transfer to your BlackBerry, this setting needs to be enabled. It is not necessary if all you want to do is send files from the BlackBerry.

Upload Photo from Computer to BlackBerry
Potential Usage: Transfer a picture to use as a background or for caller ID on the BlackBerry.

On the BlackBerry
1. Media -> Press the menu key and select Receive Using Bluetooth
2. You should see a message on the phone that says Waiting for Connection.

On the Computer
1. Launch a Bluetooth file transfer client. I used KDE's Bluetooth OBEX Client.
2. Click the Search button. With the Curve you should see an entry for a BlackBerry 8300 File Transfer Agent.
3. Drag files to transferred to the File to Send area then click Send
4. Press yes on the BlackBerry to allow the transfer
5. Select the folder to save to

Download Photo from BlackBerry to Computer
Potential Usage: Transfer pictures taken with the BlackBerry Curve's built-in camera to a computer.

On the BlackBerry
1. Media -> Pictures -> Device Memory -> Highlight a picture, press the menu key, and select Send Using Bluetooth
2. Select the appropriate entry from the list of paired devices

On the Computer
1. Authorize the transfer when the window pops up

During this last step you can also choose to automatically allow or deny the BlackBerry device if you don't want to be asked every time you want to transfer a file.


You have no idea how much time you just saved me. BTW, what could I use for a WINDOWS files transfer (instead of KDE)


Unable to receive files via Bluetooth on my BB Curve 8310.

I just recently purchased a BB Curve from AT&T, and it's an awesome phone so far, but I'm having some difficutly using my Bluetooth to transfer files from one phone to another. For example, I was trying to send an MP3 from a Motorola Q to my phone, and after I was able to link myself to the Q, on the Q itself it said that "This device does not support this service." I was never able to receive the file even after numerous tries. I then tried to do it again with a different phone, but again was unable to receive the file and received a similar message on the other phone. I am however able to link to my Bluetooth headset without any problems.

Has anyone experienced these issues also? I'd like to get this clarified to see if maybe the phone I got was defective, I still have time to exchange it for a new one. Please help! Thank you!

Same problem. Have not found

Same problem. Have not found fix.

I'm having the same problem

I'm having the same problem and it's really starting to get annoying! Please someone help!

yes i have the same problem

yes i have the same problem but i can send items to people trough bluetooth but i cant receive things.

i can send them but cant

i can send them but cant recieve them,,,, how do i sort this so i can,,

This worked for me

I have a mac and it was showing me the same warning ("This device does not support this service.") when trying to connect via Bluetooth. I edited the serail por settings for the connection by changing the "Type" from "Modem" to "RS-232" and that solved the issue for me. It might be a little bit different with a PC.

Hope it helps

same problem and i get told

same problem and i get told blackberry will not allow you do do this... i am taking the phone back

to pair a Blackberry 8310 bluetooth tomtom go720

The Blackberry found the tomtom go 720 ,, but does not accept the password on the tomtom, anybody knows?? I changed the pass 3 times, and same problem.

sprint bberry 8830 and tomtom 930t

I was able to get it to pair after 50 tries. But now it stopped working...

choose phone; OTHER
Access Port: sprint vision
Pass: blank

If anyone can help, please do...I paid a lot of money for this thing.I can get handsfree, butnot TOMTOM services.

i have a problem please help me ...

I have a problem in sending music files mp3 from mt laptop to my blackberry bold 9000 via bluetooth ... although i can receive images and photos BUT i cannot receive songs and music ... and i already have my laptop bleutooth as a pier in my phone ...

Please guide me in how to fix it because there is nothing i didn't do yet ...

thank you ...

if anyone knows how to solve it then send me to my email which is :
and i appreciate your help and concern

i use the bb 8830 world

i use the bb 8830 world edition (sprint). ive been trying to make my own ringtones on my mac using garage band. my buddy taught me how, and it works great on his phone. i can get the files to transfer easy, but everytime i tryand play them on the phone it tells me "error occured while attempting to play media". this is really aggravating as it has been happening for over a year. any ideas?


What format did you make it? Older BlackBerry's (not Bold or Storm) are very picky about the codecs they support. I haven't tried doing a ring tone, but video is difficult to get right.


Blackberry Messanger Contacts

How can someone find new blackberry contacts for massanger

blackberry bluetoothing

i can bluetooth pics and music to other phones but i cannot recieve them on my blackberry curve what i finally did was put all my music and pics from my old phone on a micro sd card then put the sd card in my blackberry and was able to get my stuff that way

Windows XP, Bluetooth PDA device (blackberry) and PAN dont work!


Great link and procedure, but I am looking for more! Got DM syncing to my berry wirelessly, awesome!!

But when the berry was cabled USB, and Media Card support is on, the PC sees the Micro SD card as an external hard drive and you can just drag and drop files from the PC to the berry, or vica versa. I am looking for the same function over blue tooth, but I cannot add the blackberry device to a windows XP Pan (Personal Area Network). It does not recognize it as a PAN device. Any profiles, tweeks, or suggestions to allow this?

cant recieve media files on my blackberry 8900 from nokia 5800

i am trying to recieve a media file on my 8900 curve but cannot it will not connect to the other device please help!

eggy needs help with blackberry fone

i can bluetooth music 2 other fones but CANT recieve how do i sort this cos its doing my head in,,


u have to open the media older > options > recieve via bluetooth (at the same time while ur sending rom a diferent one or pc when u press send

tried to send file bt from pc to bb 8330 curve sprint

I have a successful pairing from my pc to BB but when I tried to send a file from pc to bb it says the bb has no ftp service on device. I set the discoverable to Yes as you suggested. Any other suggestions? I have done bt with my other phone that was windows mobile smart phone.

Thanks for your help.


8830 World edition

I use BB8830 WE verizon wireless. After pairing up with other mobile using the blue tooth. i tried to go the media--> options --> recives files via bluetooth when I click the same the other mobile is finding me but a message is popping up asking me the location if I click save then connection is lost. Pls help.

using storm BB to connect my laptop to internet

how can i use my storm BB as a modem beteen my laptop and the server to send and receive emails only?

it's not working for me.

Help! After going through the steps provided,I still can't receive files via bluetooth on my O2 blackberry 8310.

Connection falied


I have a blackberry Curve 8380, I am trying to transfer some mp3 files into it. The connection gets established but as soon as I select the folder to save it on my phone, it says transfer failed. I dont have a memory card in this but there is 12 MB of device memory. And the directory in which it saves is some home/user/tunes/ I am not able to change this as well. Please guide me in this. I have been trying this for a very long time

Great information!

Thank you - this saved me when my IT department had no idea how to get the info off my corporate BB!

How to transfer multiple photos via bluetooth in Blackberry 8310

This is really irritating. I have tried everything possible but to no avail. Please help me in case there is a shortcut for selection and sending multiple images in Blackberry 8310

There is nothing on net too

Please mail me on

thanks ...

thanks for useful info !!
woody bkk


i can recive the information from anybody and even i cant wht i sent from my laptop an application , i even dont recieved plllllsssss help me out of this..

Transfer files from Mac to BB 8330

I still think the easiest way to do all of this is just use the USB cable. I just plug my blackberry into the Mac and drap and drop the files I want from one Finder window to another. Takes about 5 seconds and I am done. :D

transfer from MAC to BB Curve

I plugged in USB and neither device read each other except the BB thinking it was a charger, how lucky you could drag and drop!