New Filter Option

I added a new option for filtering results. Previously, anything that used a terminal interface was grouped under the command line interface umbrella, but now it has been separated out into command line and Ncurses. For those of you unfamiliar with Ncurses, it is a graphical interface for a terminal environment. Because this is a new distinction, there are undoubtedly still some apps listed incorrectly as command line when they actually use Ncurses, and some will have both interfaces available. Please comment if you find any that need to be corrected. I plan to update them over time as they are found.

When I write about filtering results, many of you may not know what I'm talking about. I am not referring searches. What I am referring to is the Filter Options link that appears at the top right of the content section when a user is logged in and viewing any category page.

The screenshot above shows the available options. Select a box and that type will be shown.

This feature previously used cookies to track selections, but that has also changed. Choices are now saved directly to the database and can be changed at any time.