Linux on the Desktop is Building Momentum

I have noticed that mention of Linux on the desktop seems to be building in the media, but it hasn't been clear if that noise correlated to more users actually switching to it. Based on the results of my admittedly unscientific poll, Linux does appear to be building momentum.

My conclusion is based on focusing on the percentage of users in each year who reported switching to Linux as their primary OS. 24% of the respondents indicated 2006, with 10% in 2005, 13% in 2003/2004, 9% in 2001/2002, 10% in 1997-2000, and 6% before 1997. The upward trend continues for each year reported, and actually stayed pretty consistent throughout the entire life of the poll.

It's also interesting that 15% said they planned to switch in the 2007 and 10% said maybe later. That leaves a quarter of all voters considering, or open to, Linux in the future. Considering that an even larger number of potential Linux users wouldn't have been paying attention to a Linux poll yet, I think it's safe to assume that the trend established in the previous years will continue through 2007.

3% of the respondents claimed they would never switch to Linux.

Thanks to everyone who voted in my Switching to Linux Poll. Over 3000 votes is well beyond what I ever expected.