HowTo Enable MP3 Support for K3b in (K)Ubuntu

I frequently hear comments that K3b doesn't support burning MP3's to an Audio CD. These comments are puzzling because K3b is supposed to support the MP3 format. My curiousity piqued, I checked my own Kubuntu install and discovered that the comments were correct. Fortunately there is a fix, and it's a simple one.

I specifically called out (K)Ubuntu in the title because my Debian install I usually use for CD burning works correctly. (K)Ubuntu appears to break MP3 support out into a separate package that Debian doesn't have, and apparently doesn't need.

The missing package is called libk3b2-mp3 and it can be found in the universe section of the repositories. Simply install this package using the following command or through your package manager of choice.

sudo apt-get install libk3b2-mp3

Once the package is installed, start up K3b and you're ready to go. To confirm that the update worked you can select Configure K3b from the Settings menu and then click on Plugins. Under the AudioDecoder section you should now see a listing for the K3b MAD Decoder. If it's there you are enabled to drag and drop MP3 files to an Audio CD project.


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k3b works now.

apt-get source k3b
apt-get build-dep k3b
apt-get install libmad0 libmad0-dev
cd k3b-0.11.23
dpkg-buildpackage -tc
dpkg -i ../k3b_0.11.23-0ubuntu1_i386.deb ../k3blibs_0.11.23-0ubuntu1_i386.deb

mp3 decorder

I have tried to do this sudo apt-get install libk3b2-mp3
It runs and then I get a message that states couldn't find libk3b2-mp3


Currently, this package has been replaced with libk3b2-extracodecs


Thanks for doing the research for all the rest of us lamers that just google for the answers!




Thanks! I love that I can just google my question and someone smarter than me has already found a fix. I'm using Xubuntu and this worked perfectly! Thanks again

Ubuntu 8.04 - package replacement

Hi !

The libk3b2-mp3 package has been replaced in Ubuntu 8.04 by libk3b2-extracodecs.

So, from now, once K3b is installed, open a terminal and type :

sudo aptitude install libk3b2-extracodecs


it's libk3b3-extracodecs now

it's libk3b3-extracodecs now


Thanks 4 this.. every time I do an install, I have to set up mp3 support for k3b. Kinda anoying but, it's nice to now tips and helps like this are out here.

Thanks a lot

As all the above already stated it is exactly the answer we were looking for ;-)
I was pretty much suprised that K3B couldn't directly burn mp3 as audio-cd since it was able to directly rip audio-cd to mp3. a bit weird? however, thats not the point here. Thanks again. Quick and easy solution!

Ok.. but what about the tags?

I just burned a CD of MP3s (with K3B obviously) but the CD is in WAV format and there's no tags on the tracks.

I wanted an MP3 CD but I don't see any way to tell k3b that, it just made all the tracks into .wav format.

What am I missing?

Data CD

You have to burn it as a data CD instead of an audio CD if you want the MP3's kept. An audio CD will always convert the audio to what a standard CD player can read. Only CD's with the MP3 label on them can play back a data cd with MP3's.


Enable MP3 Support for K3b

Package libk3b3-extracodecs is not available, but is referred to by another package.
This may mean that the package is missing, has been obsoleted, or
is only available from another source
However the following packages replace it:

sudo apt-get install libk3b6-extracodecs

it works

yes, that libk3b6-extracodecs works for me.

great libk3b6-extracodecs

great libk3b6-extracodecs works for me.
thanks very much


30 seconds to download and install and i was able to make my cd....its things like this that make me love linux....Thank you!

it's cool

I was tired of hitting commands while burning MP3 also so I always work on Windows to do such tasks with my MP3 Converter. But I think I don't need to switch to WIndows again for such small tasks..

Thank you


Didn't work for me...
"E: Couldn't find package libk3b6-extracodecs"


re: darn..

Under Ubuntu Software Center. Search k3b, look through the list should only be nine (9), items. Select the libk3b*-extracodecs Make sure your System/Software Sources/Other Software "" partner is checked. Should work without flaw nor error.

I'm using Xubuntu and this

I'm using Xubuntu and this worked perfectly, thanks.

sudo apt-get install

sudo apt-get install libk3b6-extracodecs works for me too

apt-cache search

apt-cache search extracodecs
sudo apt-get install [whatever the search brought up]