Amarok Integrates Music Store

Amarok just announced version 1.4.4, and while a point release usually doesn't spur much interest, this one had a little something extra. The Magnatune music store has been integrated with Amarok and features DRM-free downloads and full length previews.

It's great to see an open source app of Amarok's caliber taking this step. Downloading music on Linux has always been a challenge since major labels want to restrict use. A look through Magnatune's catalog shows that it's still indie driven, but you can find a lot of good music that way; and besides, Linux is still pretty indie driven itself. Hopefully Amarok's support can help move us towards a day where labels will see a market they can no longer ignore.

I've focused on the music store so far, but a lot of other work also went into this release. The Amarok team added basic support for the Rio Karma, created an Action menu entry for adding podcasts, added the ability to synchronize the listened flag with an iPod, and extended the Undo/Redo capability over sessions.

Over 100 bugs have also been closed in this release. Go here for the complete list of new features, updates, and bug fixes.