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Name Description
Sage Open Source Mathematics Software
GraphMonkey a GTK#-based graphing calculator
MATLAB high-level technical computing language and interactive environment
Kig interactive geometry tool for KDE
RKWard KDE frontend to the R statistics language
Scilab Scientific software package for numerical computations
Maxima Computer algebra system -- base system
OpenEuclide 2D geometry software
Octave GNU Octave language for numerical computations
gretl GNU Regression, Econometric & Time-Series Library
Abakus calculator for KDE
GeoGebra Dynamic mathematics software for education
gcalctool GNOME desktop calculator
Mathomatic portable Computer Algebra System (CAS)
R Project GNU R core of statistical computation and graphics system
PSPP Statistical analysis tool
LibreOffice - Math office productivity suite -- equation editor
TiLP TI hand-helds <-> PC communication (transitional dummy package)
Axiom General purpose computer algebra system: main binary and modules - Math office productivity suite -- equation editor
HippoDraw Provides a highly interactive data analysis environment
OpenEpi Open Source Epidemiologic Statistics for Public Health
Shogun Large Scale Machine Learning Toolbox
freeFEM PDE oriented language using Finite Element Method
K3DSurf tool for mathematical surfaces