Administrator Tools

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Name Description
Tripwire file and directory integrity checker
Instlux Install Linux from within Windows
GNOME su Frontend (gksu) graphical frontend to su
KleanSweep File cleaner for KDE
Konsole X terminal emulator
Envy Installer for ATI/AMD and Nvidia graphics drivers
Tilda terminal emulator with first person shooter console likeness
Sabayon system administration tool to manage GNOME desktop settings
YaKuake a Quake-style terminal emulator based on KDE Konsole technology
KUser user and group administration tool
Centeris Likewise Identity cross-platform identity management solution that integrates of Linux systems with Microsoft Active Directory
Kuake Console which looks like Quake game console
Centrify Express Active Directory-based authentication and single sign-on to cross-platform systems
KernelCheck program designed to make the kernel-compiling process as easy as the click of a button