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Name Description
Sage Open Source Mathematics Software
GraphMonkey a GTK#-based graphing calculator
MATLAB high-level technical computing language and interactive environment
Kig interactive geometry tool for KDE
RKWard KDE frontend to the R statistics language
Scilab Scientific software package for numerical computations
Maxima Computer algebra system -- base system
OpenEuclide 2D geometry software
Octave GNU Octave language for numerical computations
gretl GNU Regression, Econometric & Time-Series Library
Abakus calculator for KDE
GeoGebra Dynamic mathematics software for education
gcalctool GNOME desktop calculator
Mathomatic portable Computer Algebra System (CAS)
R Project GNU R core of statistical computation and graphics system
PSPP Statistical analysis tool
Frink practical calculating tool and programming language
LibreOffice - Math office productivity suite -- equation editor
TiLP TI hand-helds <-> PC communication (transitional dummy package)
Axiom General purpose computer algebra system: main binary and modules - Math office productivity suite -- equation editor
SMath Studio free mathematical program
HippoDraw Provides a highly interactive data analysis environment
Shogun Large Scale Machine Learning Toolbox
OpenEpi Open Source Epidemiologic Statistics for Public Health