Is it beneficial for Linux apps be ported to Windows?

58% (333 votes)
38% (216 votes)
4% (21 votes)
Total votes: 570

it is okey to import linux apps on windows box?

yes, for me, so that people can distinguise the ease of using linux over windows

Is it OK beneficial to port Linux apps to Windows?

The answer must be no, as Windows users will only see the Linux apps in a Windows environment. Of the few who may actually try to use the apps in a Linux environment, most will be scared sh*tless by the 'complicated' operating environment.

Porting the wonderful Linux apps to Windows only gives Windows victims (ahem) users less incentive move from the 'dark side'!

Is it beneficial for Linux apps be ported to Windows?

Yes, because the best way to intigrate people into using linux is letting them use part of the enviornment where they feel comfortable. Once they are accustom to the apps, it won't matter which OS they are running them on.

Using Linux apps on Windows

I vote "no", for this reason:
Linux apps are good, stable applications. If someone who is not familiar with Linux uses an app which WILL crash as Windows collapses on its' 10-minute crash cycle - they are going to think that Linux apps crash just like Windows apps.
It is NOT a good idea to associate Linux with an inferior system.

Is it beneficial for Linux apps be ported to Windows?

GNU/Linux means that you have the choice.
OpenSource and portability are the future of computer science.
So yes of course let GNU/Linux apps go to Win ! Where's the problem ? They belong to everyone ^^ and should be used everywhere :D

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