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I am sure you have probably heard this before. But what programs would you recommend under Ubuntu Fiesty for Firewall, Antivirus and Antispyware/malware ??

Security Options

For a firewall I'd use either Firestarter or Guarddog. Both are front-ends to iptables, but have different interfaces and options. If you prefer Gtk based apps with Gnome then I'd try Firestarter first. If you use KDE like I do then I'd recommend Guarddog. Both will work well under both KDE and Gnome though, so feel free to pick the one you prefer.

For anti-virus there was a recent study that showed ClamAV as the best. The main ClamAV package is command line only, so I'd recommend KlamAV or ClamTk as a front-end if you prefer a graphical interface.

You shouldn't need an anti-spyware program. I've never heard of anyone having a problem with it. One of the biggest reasons is that anything you download is not given execute rights so it can't do anything.

Linux spyware problems......

I am aware that linux operating systems are immune to windows Viruses and spyware,but it is only a matter of time when linux operating systems become popular,and when that happens,people are going to get problems with their linux operating systems,one of which we think we will see, is compatibility problems,but the fact is when these spyware programs do become popular for the linux operating system its going to drive Linux company's to write the software for linux,just remember one thing dont give any one your administration password,but try and look out for key loggers that could be on your system,you might notice that your command prompt is responding slowly,or your mozilla is responding slowly,keep any out for third party software on your system,it is most likely a spy program.


"I am aware that linux operating systems are immune to windows Viruses and spyware,but it is only a matter of time when linux operating systems become popular"
First, implementation doesnt matter, logic does. Still there are, and there will be NO viruses for linux.

Linux is used as a Web server OS on 40% of machines.
Goverment,corporation and military servers operate linux.
Reasons linux is a bad platform for viruses:
- Totally and always Open Source.
- Possibility to recompile everything from scratch on own platform.
- Protected repositories.
- Time-between-patches.
- No "standart" version for any program. Amount of patches.
- Possibility for manual code modification.
- No "standart distribution" or "standart" version.
- Fragility of binary format(ELF).
- UNIX class security from start.
- AppArmor/SELinux extensions.

The first and only thing is to understand ideology and security model of Linux and use it.
Antivirus is only needed to filter Win* traffic and Win* infection.

Check this:

Thanks a heap. I did a load

Thanks a heap. I did a load of reading up and came to similar conclusions. Good to know Im not completely lost.


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