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22743 Wink easy program for video encoding
22612 Perl Audio Converter multi-purpose audio converter/ripper/tagger script
22573 Picasa Photo organizer
22245 ScreenKast Screen capturing to video program
21785 Partition Image backup partitions into a compressed image file
21153 Amarok easy to use media player based on the KDE Platform
20908 Rubyripper Digital audio extraction algorithm.
20839 Axel light download accelerator - graphical front-end
20812 GNOME Icon Editor A small tool to create icons for the gnome-desktop
20738 Mondo powerful disaster recovery suite
20675 K3b Sophisticated CD/DVD burning application
20581 Digikam digital photo management application for KDE
20580 DeVeDe simple application to create Video DVDs
20201 Cinelerra audio/video authoring tool
19795 Pixel Image Editor Image editor
19767 Gnuplot Command-line driven interactive plotting program
19643 Cheese tool to take pictures and videos from your webcam
19427 3D Chess 3D chess for X11
19399 XVidCap Screen video capture for X
19371 LinuxCAD Drafting program
19368 Doom 3 First person shooter
19272 Slam Soccer 2006 Funny football game in 3D-comic-style
19176 blueMarine open source workflow for digital photography
19156 FFmpeg Multimedia player, server, encoder and transcoder (transitional package)
19150 GnuCash personal and small-business financial-accounting software
18972 D4x graphical download manager
18836 Puppet Centralized configuration management - agent startup and compatibility scripts
18751 KEdit basic text editor for KDE
18749 Fusion complete compositing package
18672 LightZone professional photo browser and editor