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Name Description
KDE SDK File Dialog Plug-ins KDE file dialog plugins for software development files
mod_scgi Apache module implementing the SCGI protocol
Licq Gtk Plug-in Jon's GTK+ front-end plug-in for Licq
mod_jk Apache 2 connector for the Tomcat Java servlet engine
KSig graphical tool for managing multiple email signatures
mod_authz_ldap Module for Apache2 which provides LDAP authentication/authorization
mod_encoding Apache2 module for non-ascii filename interoperability
KMailCVT KDE KMail mail folder converter
mod_auth_mysql Apache 2 module for MySQL authentication
mod_dnssd Zeroconf support for Apache 2 via avahi
Licq Telnet Plug-in remote management server plug-in for telnet Licq access
mod_proxy_html Transitional package for apache2-bin
Firefox Web Developer Extension transitional dummy package
Licq Autoreply Plug-in autoreply plug-in for Licq
KDE PIM File Dialog Plug-ins KDE File dialog plugins for palm and vcf files
mod_security Tighten web applications security for Apache 2.x
Lightspark High-performance SWF player (experimental)
mod_perl2 Integration of perl with the Apache2 web server
mod_suphp Apache2 module to run PHP scripts with the owner permissions
Licq Forwarder Plug-in forwarder plug-in for Licq
Licq On-Screen Display Plug-in on-screen display plug-in for Licq
KDE Network KFile Plug-ins torrent metainfo plugin for KDE
Licq Qt Plug-in dummy package for transition to licq-plugin-qt4
mod_webauth Transitional package for WebAuth Apache modules
Licq KDE Plug-in dummy package for transition to licq-plugin-kde4