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Name Description
Extra Brushes, Palettes, and Gradients An extra set of brushes, palettes, and gradients for The GIMP
F-Spot personal photo management application
Feh imlib2 based image viewer
findimagedupes Finds visually similar or duplicate images
flPhoto Image manager with great printing functionality
Font Industry converts a scanned in grid sheet containing a lot of glyphs into a bitmap font
FontForge font editor
Fotowall simple application for creating collages and compositions
Fotoxx easy-to-use digital photo editor
FreeCAD general purpose 3D CAD modeller
Frogr Flickr Remote Organizer for GNOME
Fusion complete compositing package
Fyre interactively renders Peter de Jong maps (chaotic functions)
Gallery a web-based photo album written in php
Gallery 2 web-based photo album written in PHP
Geeqie image viewer using GTK+
Geotag match date/time information from photos with location information from a GPS unit or from a map
Ghemical GNOME molecular modelling environment
gImageReader A graphical GTK frontend to tesseract-ocr
Gimp Animation Package animation package for the GIMP
Gimp Image Editor The GNU Image Manipulation Program
Gimp Resynthesizer Plug-in Transitional package for gimp-plugin-registry
Gimp Texturize Plug-in generates large textures from a small sample
GIMPshop Version of Gimp designed to look like Photoshop
GNOME Icon Editor A small tool to create icons for the gnome-desktop