Tactics & Strategy

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Name Description
SqDef tower defense game for the GP2X
Runes of Avalon puzzle game with a twist, match-3 mechanic
Babala Simple logical game with elements of move strategy
Glotski Slide blocks to reach a goal
MegaGlest 3D multi-player real time strategy game
KBattleship battleship board game
KLines color lines game
KAtomic atomix puzzle game
KMines minesweeper game
KJumpingCube simple tactical game
Hive Rise high speed real time strategy game full of action
Zaz arcade action puzzle game
Grappling Hook innovative first-person action puzzle / platform game
Peces Tangram (puzzle) game clone
Hex-a-Hop puzzle game based on hexagonal tiles
BentBend brainteaser game
Spring Engine a modern full-3D RTS game engine
Unknown Horizons 2D realtime strategy simulation
World of Goo physics based puzzle / construction game