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Name Description
Jokosher simple and easy to use audio multi-tracker
Renoise A different approach to music composing
LMMS Linux Multimedia Studio
Audacity fast, cross-platform audio editor
Cinelerra audio/video authoring tool
KGuitar Stringed instrument tablature editor for KDE
Gifsicle Tool for manipulating GIF images
Breakage intelligent drum machine
Gneutronica MIDI drum machine for Linux
Hydrogen advanced drum machine/step sequencer
LilyPond program for typesetting sheet music
XO Wave digital audio software
Jahshaka Realtime videao editing and effects system - Binary files
Cinelerra Heroine Warrior Advanced multimedia editor
Ardour digital audio workstation (graphical gtk interface)
MusE Qt4-based audio/MIDI sequencer
Denemo gtk+ front end to GNU Lilypond
Rosegarden music editor and MIDI/audio sequencer
NoteEdit KDE Music Editor
Anthem MIDI sequencer
MP3Gain Lossless mp3 normalizer with statistical analysis
poc-streamer An MP3/Ogg multicast/HTTP streamer and MP3 cutting tool
normalize adjusts the volume of WAV, MP3 and OGG files to a standard volume level
TuxGuitar Multitrack guitar tablature editor and player (gp3 to gp5)
MilkyTracker music creation tool inspired by Fast Tracker 2