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Name Description
Kphone Voice over IP (VoIP) phone application
WeeChat Fast, light and extensible chat client
Sim-IM open-source speech recognition program
Zfone Secure Voice over IP (VoIP)
Gmail Notifier Notify the arrival of new mail on Gmail
ScatterChat Secure instant messaging client
KVIrc KDE-based next generation IRC client with module support
Gotmail utility to download email from a Hotmail or MSN account
KMess MSN messenger for KDE
BitchX Advanced Internet Relay Chat client
Finch text-based multi-protocol instant messaging client
Flash Operator Panel switchboard type application for the Asterisk PBX
ISDNvbox ISDN utilities - answering machine dependency package
Mailman Powerful, web-based mailing list manager
Call Commander Call screening for talk-radio
Siproxd SIP proxy/redirect/registrar
Shockvoice Server voice-over-ip communication tool similar to Teamspeak
Licq multi-protocol instant messaging client (base files)
Request Tracker (RT) Extensible trouble-ticket tracking system
procmail Versatile e-mail processor
FreePBX Set up an Asterisk VOIP PBX
IMP webmail component for horde framework
SvxLink EchoLink server
Trixbox Setup a VoIP phone system
cGmail email checker and notifier applet for the gnome desktop