this would be the 1%

It's good to hear that this site won't use flash.
While it is true that some content needs flash my experience is that good sites don't use it.
1)Videos: Download link and a picture for quick content view are better than flash.
2)Why would i play games in a browser??? -> For 13 year old kids maybe.
3)Menus in flash are §$%&.

So now there are sometimes sites you need to see that need flash?!
My experience is that most content can be found on more than one place.
I simply always say that my computer does not have flash installed(true) and that i can not install any software on my computer because of the it department (a big fat lie :-) ). So far i live happily ever after without flash.

You are right that flash is there and won't go away but it is BAD ^^.


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