klik2 -- a proposal for cooperation

Great, that you want to support klik :-)

I'm sure that we/probono can come up with a suitable automatism to get klik://... links into LinuxAppFinder pages, once the time is "ripe".

My personal opionion for now is _not_ to include them for all apps, but only the ones that are tested well enough and for the supported distros.

You know, 'klik1' was more a proof-of-concept thing. It worked excellently on Debian, and reasonably well on some other distros, given that 99% of klik1 recipes were auto-generated.

Now with 'klik2' under heavy development, we hope to be able to assemble a larger user community which will also give us a hand in testing and quality assurance, so we can eliminate bugs in the recipe auto-generation algorithm as well as possibly hand-tune more individual recipes if need be.

Have a look at our roadmap (warning: could be heavily changed still in the next 2 weeks). But once we pass 'Milestone 2' (or maybe 3?) we could enter 'klik://appname' links to each of the apps that are in the tables there (and maybe some more we know to be working), alongside a short description for the user how to get a local 'klik2' client working...

What do you think?

Use software without "installation". http://klik.atekon.de/


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