password reset

You should be able to boot using a LiveCD, then via a root terminal, chroot into your system after mounting it. I haven't tried this, but it should work.

First open a terminal then type in the following code. Most lines should be able to copied verbatim, but the mount command may need to be modified for your system. This assumes that you are connecting to the first IDE hard drive. If your drive is something other than hda1 you'll need to change to the correct designator. Likewise, if your drive is formatted as something other than ext3 (like reiserfs or fat32) you'll need to change that word as well.

sudo su
mkdir /mnt/hd
mount /dev/hda1 -t ext3 /mnt/hd
chroot /mnt/hd

Once you've filled in your password, it's done. Your root password is changed. You should also be able to use passwd to change your user account as well.


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