a Linux OS as preferred OS ...

It all started with Caldera, promising heaven on earth, untill you tried to install it, and even then: it was like a warp into the past.

Many BSoD later, many crashes later, many frustrations later, came Ubuntu with its free CD's. It worked within 30 minutes or so. And Kubuntu and Xubuntu. 6.06 and 6.10.

Then in 2006 we had a very lousy winter me staying inside and downloading all Linux OS's I could find attractive. I really tried them all. I was impressed with SAMlinux untill it crashed 2 pc's. I was ashamed with other distro's I will not mention. I felt held back with Slack's derivatives. I felt delighted with FreeSpire, but I went beserk with LinuxMint.

LinuxMint 2.1 and later on 2.2 really offered me the alternative for WInXP, which I sought for since I do not intend to spend a whole lot of money on Vista, and then be stuck with a hard drive to be replaced.


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