Linux Newbie Now

I just did my first Linux install a few weeks ago, and am trying several distros to find what I like the best. I currently have Xandros 4 Home Premium (yep, paid for it...wanted the printed docs and the bundled Codeweavers Crossover) and Kubuntu 6.10 installed, and will be loading SimplyMEPIS later tonight or sometime tomorrow after I figure out how to edit the Xandros Lilo to remove Kubuntu and add MEPIS (did it the hard way the first time).

I decided last fall that I will NOT Ever, Never, Ever install Vista unless I need to know it for a job. My first computer was a Tandy running DOS 2.0. I have used every version of Windows since 3.1 except for NT and WinME. So far, I am finding it a bit frustrating, but am confident that will go away with a bit of time to learn.


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