k3b interface sucks

- In the quickstart tab there are a bunch of boxes. Click on 'Rip new video DVD' Nothing happens!
- I figure out how to create a project, and some message about using drag n drop to add files comes up. But drag n drop doesn't work.
But I figure out how to do it through the menu. So I've added files... and it assumes I want to burn them to a DVD. There's no way to just put them on my hard drive.
- Ok, so the interface sucks. Now I look for the documentation.
- Help->k3bhandbook takes you here: https://answers.launchpad.net/ubuntu/hardy/+sources/k3b/+gethelp But this isn't a handbook, it's just a forum of questions and answers.
Later when I click on help->k3bhandbook again I get an error: Could not launch KDE help center....
- So now I dig around on the net myself and find a manual somewhere (I forget where now) but it's *really* incomplete and says *nothing* about ripping a DVD
- Go to http://www.k3b.org/ and follow the link to 'video encoding' on the left. This gets you to 'How to rip a DVD and encode it into an MPEG-4 AVI with K3B'.
At one point this tells you to click on Tools->Encode video. Problem is there the Tools menu has no Encode video option!

In summary, for all I know this is the best DVD encoder in the world -- but after 1/2 hour I can't get it to do anything because the interface sucks and there's no documentation
worth mentioning.


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