downloaded but didn't work

This is just a first comment, I will come back with an update.

I downloaded the Ubuntu 32 bit deb and it installed fine. However, it does not look like the screenshots and the "name" is "gtktalog".

I do not have a "cdrom" on my machine I have the latest greatest Sony dual layer DVD/cd...writer/coffemaker etc....and apparently the app does not see it...

However, supposedly it will "index" anything so I tried to index the tracks that I transferred to the HD from a cd...and it didn't do that either...

In both cases there was a "file does not exist or is a non-standard file"...error box....but...the "progress" bar was moving so the app was trying to do...something... :)

I may not actually "have" the program that is shown in the screenshots..

So...sometime in the next few days...I'll trade out the Sony for a plain jane cdrom and see if it works...

It "may" be that the skin shown in the screenshots will appear when it is running...

I would really like to get this going..'cus' I have a LOT of cds ... :)



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