Legends, an cross platform alternative to Tribes 1/2 in Windows

Legends follows closely in the traditions set by both Tribes 1 and 2. While not exactly the same as those 2 great games, Legends has many of the same strategic aspects and potential those games have.
Legends works very well in Linux using either a decent quality NVidia or ATI 3d video card. Be sure to have the proper drivers installed and 3d enabled to enjoy this fine game.
Legends currently has a small, but dedicated, following and certainly has plenty of room open not only for more players and clans, but also those interested in creating new fresh content for them game. As well more players or clans willing to contribute servers in various world locales to help ease the ping issues Legends fans in areas other than the US sometimes experience due to the limited number of servers would help greatly.
If you are new to Legends be sure to download the BTMappack as most of the servers are running maps from this mappack. This will save you the frustration of slowly downloading these maps when connecting up the first times.

{BV}Bear of the Broken Variables Clan


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