when tagging a number of

when tagging a number of songs, first check if all the songs have both ID3 v1 and ID3 v2 tags. If they don't, create the missing one by pasting the title name from the first tag's field onto the other's and save the changes. After doing that, start filling the "tag multiple files" tab. Fill in all the fields you want except the "title". The "title" field will rename all the songs with the same name and that is not desired. Filling them auto-checks the necessary clicks needed. Check if your songs are numbered and if they are in the right order. If they do, check the first 9 of them, then click the "track" and "auto-increment". Then click "go". After that go to the "edit" tab and fill in the blanks in these 9 songs you selected. They only field left for filling should be the title logically. After finishing this, click the "rename multiple files" tab and click "go". After finishing this too, go again to the "tag multiple files" tab and click them all and press "go" after having clicked the "track" and "auto-increment" tags. Then redirect to the "edit tag" tab and proceed with the filling of the missing blanks. In the end, click the "rename multiple files" tab and press "go". You're done.


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