first evaluation of software and comment on site

This is actually a very powerful program. It is also, on the simpler situations, very easy and intuitive to use. It is "icon" and "menu" driven, after one just clicks and drags the track....

The size of the apps presentation is good. Some of the Windows apps present a very small "working area".... which can, of course be expanded, but the default of this app is a good size for the new poerson to be able to comprehend what is happening.

After using the app a little more, I will comment further.

Again, thanks for providing such an easy to use resource.

I PERSONALLY think that when there are enough "kiosks" such as this around, Linux, in general, will start "ramping up".

The "wikis" are fine, and the "forums" are fine, etc. etc....

But are intimidating to the first time, inexperienced, user.

This type of format is both "interesting" to the "experienced" person, who is looking for a "quick read" and maybe quickly download something, while it is also not "intimidating" for the absolutely new user...

All, in all, nice site..



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