great app

I tried to download the debian from the owner's site, first as a tar and then as an rpm...the tar didn't extract into a useable form, and the rpm seemed to direct me to some type of "video/music" player...

So...I downloaded your deb and it worked great! xtrack is a great program but, nowadays probably to "technical" for the "new" model railroader. They want real EASE OF USE and immediate rendering into something that looks like it came out of a film.

NOt to say that it isn't easy to use, because it is, just click, drag and drop the track pieces, kind of close together and then hit the "stitch" button and it makes the layout...really easy.

This was the fustest with the mostest and is still the "standard" of excellence.... I used the demo in Windblows many years ago, but my model RR was way too simple to need such a powerhouse...

Now that things are expanding a little I'll definitely use it... the various manufacturers "libraries" of track sections are available, so if one is going to use say Atlas Snaptrack, one can.

Basically the deb downloaded to the Xandros desktop, I clicked it, Xandros Networks popped up to ask me to go into administrator mode, one of the advantages of Linux, for the Windows person reading first, it then installed it without a whimper.

There was no menu item, which is normal for Linux with a port from Windblows, but I just used the search function and found it in usr/lib.

I then used menu maker to put a menu item on the applications/graphics menu, it took about 15 seconds, and then went back to the apps site and tootled around for about 5 minutes.... they have a relatively complete site of what you need, not huge but all the basic stuff, after using their basics, you are off and running, ...

Anyway, there is a nice set of heralds for verious railroads and "fallen flags" and I downloade the Chessie "sleeping kitten", which is my favourite and opened it in Kikon edit and resized it to 20 by 20 pixles, saved as a png.

Went to the menu item and edit, went to the icon, opened the Chessie icon and saved and there it was..pretty as a picture....

Not counting the time at the site getting the original graphic, total time to put the menu item on was maybe a minute..

clicked the menu item and it opened, as it had before with just the menu item and as it had before that by clicking the KDE gear in usr/lib...

a good app....and your download worked fine!


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