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Name Description
Blender Very fast and versatile 3D modeller/renderer
youtube-dl downloader of videos from YouTube and other sites
Karbon vector graphics application for the Calligra Suite
SC: Spreadsheet Calculator Text-based spreadsheet with VI-like keybindings
Jokosher simple and easy to use audio multi-tracker
Krita pixel-based image manipulation program for the Calligra Suite
Kivio Transitional Package for Calligra Flow
F4L Development environment for Macromedia Flash
Gtk-Gnutella shares files in a peer to peer network
Bibble Professional Workflow and RAW Conversion software
VivaDesigner Typesetting, layout and illustration software
BZFlag a 3D first person tank battle game
PostgreSQL object-relational SQL database (supported version)
F-Prot Antivirus F-Prot(tm) Antivirus installer package
NdisWrapper Userspace utilities for ndiswrapper
KJots note-taking utility
Firestarter GTK program for managing and observing your firewall
KeePassX Cross Platform Password Manager
MySQL Query Browser Official GUI tool to query MySQL database
Aptana IDE for building dynamic web applications
Shutter feature-rich screenshot program
ClamTk graphical front-end for ClamAV
Munin network-wide graphing framework (grapher/gatherer)
Freevo home theater framework - binaries
Ogre Tools 3D Object-Oriented Graphics Rendering Engine (tools)